hands down best NY style in town. The real deal. Just had their chicken tenders for the first time. high quality chicken and you can tell
the grease is super fresh and clean. Lovelovelove this place

Jonathan Dean

Awesome pizza!! And the owner is just so nice! Definitely will be back! 5 stars!

Jessica Rivera

The pizza was delicious! Perfect combination of cheese and sauce. The cheese knots with butter were divine. Excellent! The owners are very nice & friendly. Sat outside to eat due to inside dining restrictions and they took very good care of us. Came out and checked on us several times making sure we had everything we needed. I will definitely be ordering from Brooklyn Pizza again!

Betty Beauchamp Dean

If you are from the Northeast, this is the best example of NY/northeastern pizza you can get in Tallahassee. The owners and chef are extremely friendly and the prices are very reasonable. Cosy atmosphere

Christopher Yearwood

The pizza is Amazing, and the service is fabulous, I have been always a big fan of the quality of this place

Mahmoud Abdelhadi

This was by far the best Pizza spot I have found out here yet. And they have Anchovies which not many carry anymore. They definitely have BROOKLYN PIZZAS.

IttyBitty Mickey

Pretty okay! Solid choice, and pro tip -- get the cheesy garlic knots.

Dawson Hulme

Consistently good pizza here. True to the name, it's a thin, NY style crust, and the dough is really good! Really tasty garlic knots and cheese knots as well.

Zunamorph Unit

Great food. Sausage Calzone. WOW

Robert Ruiz